mPro400GC Software Version 1.4.0 released

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Support for up to 4 LiveWire I-Wrenches
  • Sequence 32 (Prevailing Torque, compensated)
  • Sequence 33 (Pulse Torque Recovery)
  • LiveWire Tools now support 96 Linking positions instead of 40
  • Possibility to configure 5 GHz band U-NII 2, 2ex and 3 for LiveWire Tools
  • Ability to delete Applications (S-00329)
  • Software Update Utility V1.3 with improved error checking and Software Update Report via FTP as XML
  • Data Transfer in selected Torque unit for OpenProtocol MID 61 and 101, also for Fieldbus data transfer
  • Ability to accept System Bus map automatically
  • Option to lock tools if fieldbus is disconnected
  • Support for 2-port EtherNet/IP module with M12 connectors (544278PT)
  • Performance improvement in Anybus drivers

Bug fixes:

  • Not possible to show diagnostics information for Spindles and hand tools in various scenarios (PRR-02210, PRR-02224)
  • Secondary controller shows error TDR1 with Tubenut tools (PRR-02176, CQA-777)
  • Tubenut tools – max torque and backoff speed set wrong (PRR-00439, CAQ-819)
  • Auto Select not functional (PRR-02245, CQA-900)

See mPro400GC page.